Bloomberg Philanthropies supports climate action with $4.5m


The Bonn, Germany-based UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) has welcomed the announcement of a $4.5 million financial contribution made by Bloomberg Philanthropies to support its work.
UN Climate Change secretariat expresses its gratitude for the support it receives from both Parties and non-Party stakeholders which, it adds, “helps to realise the full potential of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.
Bloomberg Philanthropies’ generous contribution of $4.5 million complements the support provided by national governments and other stakeholders.”“The U.S. pledged to work with the rest of the world to fight climate change under the Paris Agreement, and that includes providing our fair share of the funding to help countries reach their goals.
Our foundation is providing this funding to UN Climate Change as part of our work to ensure that the American people can honour the commitment made under the Paris Agreement,” said the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, Michael Bloomberg.
I welcome this generous contribution from Bloomberg Philanthropies as an important, practical recognition of our need to work together, and to step up our response to climate change.”Like this: Like Loading…
Source: Bloomberg Philanthropies supports climate action with .5m