[Preprint] A Multilevel Analysis of Factors Influencing Chinese Foundations’ Capacity for Resource Mobilization


Qian Wei
Memorial University of Newfoundland – Department of Sociology

Despite the fact that some nonprofits can easily attract rich resources while others struggle for survival, little is known about what antecedents or characteristics account for the difference in terms of nonprofit organizations’ capacity to mobilize resources. This research seeks to address this knowledge gap using a national sample of 3,344 philanthropic foundations nested in 31 regions of mainland China. Relying on different theories and multilevel modeling techniques, I examine the effect of both organizational- and contextual-level factors on foundations’ financial resources, i.e., revenues. Findings suggest that distribution of resources is highly imbalanced in the nonprofit sector of China and foundations with particular characteristics (public, national, education area, large size of employees and board members) and nested in areas with certain features (high educational level) are predicted to hold an advantaged position in terms of resource mobilization.

Full text available at https://ssrn.com/abstract=2851561.